Born in 1987

When Asahi Super Dry was first created in 1987, it redefined the beer category and introduced the world to a new taste in beer.

Japan’s No.1

Today, Asahi Super Dry is Japan’s No.1 beer and we are proud that our innovative brand has become a global icon of progressive Japan.


Asahi Super Dry is brewed to our authentic Japanese recipe using the finest malted barley, hops, yeast and rice from Japan and beyond. This is how we create the dry, crisp taste and quick, clean finish that we call Karakuchi.

Carefully selected yeast

Especially selected from hundreds of strains in our yeast bank, Asahi No. 318 boasts outstanding efficiency in fermentation. It’s responsible for the clear, crisp Karakuchi taste of every beer we make.


Although there is no direct translation, Karakuchi describes how our authentic Japanese beer is dry and crisp with a quick, clean finish. And as well as quenching your thirst, it also prepares your palate for what comes next.

Progressive brewing

We’re constantly innovating at our brewery to improve production technology and quality management. This commitment to progressive brewing will help us share Asahi Super Dry with the whole world.